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After a freak accident in which I broke and severely dislocated my ring finger (and cut the ring off), it's been a slow but steady return to riding form.  The last few weeks have been spent on my F800GS preparing terrain as well as routes for an upcoming adventure school project.  With Fall just around the corner, the natural setting of the Maine woods is a great place to spend some time.  There's never a dull moment, however, and the crew is preparing to head down to BMW Motorcycles of Roanoke Valley for the first weekend of September.  Hope to see you there!

XDL Round 4

Heading into the penultimate round in the fight for the National Championship, Teach was sitting poised to secure the 3rdand final podium spot in the points race.  However, as in any championship, things can quickly take a turn for the worse.   As Teach clutched up the very first wheelie of round 1, he quickly found that his rear brakes were non-existent and struggled to keep the bike from flipping over backwards as he desperately tried to ‘pump up’ the rear foot and hand brake – perhaps the most important aspect of any freestyle machine.  After his allotted 2 minutes, Teach and crew tried to find a solution to the problem, and fixed a bit of hidden air in the lines and a warped rear rotor (that was literally working just seconds before the run).  With a dismal 12th place in round 1, Teach was out for vengeance in round 2, and with the wide open space afforded him at Napa Speedway he delivered a tire blistering run that resulted in a 5th place finish after a drop at the end of his run.  Final result of the weekend: a disappointing 9th place overall, leaving Teach in the position of needing a podium result at the next stop to end the year on the podium in 3rd overall.  The stunt gods were not done, however, as Teach ‘lunched’ the motor on his RR while competing in the drift battle.  Competing against purpose built drift bikes with extended swing arms, Teach more than held his own as he slid his stock S1000RR around the track in 6th gear for a hair raising performance that literally went out with a bang.  Not to be deterred, Teach and his crew are already hard at work preparing for a show at Sandia BMW in Albuquerque next weekend before heading North to Portland, OR for the final round of XDL.  As always, stay tuned to www.TeachTrix.comfor more

XDL Round 3

After finishing 5th in each of the first two rounds of the XDL
National Championship, Teach ventured to Indianapolis for perhaps the
biggest event of the season looking to catapult himself onto the
podium in the points chase.  In the first of two rounds of individual
freestyle, Teach put down a solid run culminating in a spectacular
crash in an attempt at a newly developed trick that sent him over the
barriers and into the fans who lined the street.  A little worse for
wear, but otherwise uninjured, Teach jumped up to a rousing applause
by the packed house for his 4th place result.  Heading into the second
of two runs, Teach knew he had to lay it all on the line and in his
trademark 'wild style', he had the crowd and the judging cringing in
fear for his safety.  Teach tamed the 190hp S1000RR in one of the most
exciting runs of the year only to leave himself and his competitors
wondering what could have been after another, less spectacular, crash
left him in 4th place.  Two 4th's gave Teach a respectable 4th place
overall on the weekend, moving him into solid contention for a podium
finish in the championship.  Setting his sights to the future, Teach
gears up for round 4 in New Mexico where he is more than capable of
winning on a wide open race track that suits his style on the RR.
Stay tuned to www.TeachTrix.com for more information and the latest


Moto GP

The TeachTrix team made the now annual trip to Laguna Seco for the 2012 MotoGP to perform alongside the industry’s other top riders for the throngs of crowds that flocked to see this year’s action.  Featuring 3 days of mind blowing stunts and the fastest racers on the planet, MotoGP is one of the top stops during the year.  Teach performed flawlessly all weekend in his usual energetic and engaging manner, even breaking out the 2012 S1000RR in stock trim for some drifting in the last show of the weekend.  The fans were stoked to be able to catch the RR in action and the weekend went off without a hitch.  A big thanks to all the fans and friends that came out to support!  For more pictures and behind-the-scenes action, be sure to check out www.teachtrix.com  

XDL Round 2

Round 2 XDL Championship – Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA

Stop number 2 on the XDL Championship tour had us back at the infamous Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA after a 3-year hiatus.  The Queen Mary has been a terrific venue in the past and the hype leading up to this event promised another banger.  Upon arrival late Thursday night, it quickly became apparent that the riding area and conditions left much to be desired.  Combining the tricky surface with yet another different rear tire made it difficult for Teach to get the S1000 under control enough to consistently approach the edge of danger, as is his customary style.  Not one to let obstacles slow him down, Teach made sure to get in as much practice time as possible and it paid off by the end of the weekend.  After a solid 4th place at the end of the first round, Teach found himself in prime position to make a run at the podium.  Unfortunately, it was not to be as a flipped stoppie 30 seconds into the 2nd run cost Teach the podium.  He picked the bike up and finished in spectacular fashion by lighting some hay bales on fire after a vicious burnout.  A respectable 7thplace for run two left Teach with his second consecutive 5th place overall on the weekend.  Teach came away pleased with the results and said, “While I always want to put my S1000 on top of the box, coming away with a  5thoverall under the circumstances is a satisfying result for me.  I’m not sure what the practice time will be like in the next two weeks, but I look forward to shredding in Indianapolis – one of my favorite venues.”  Be sure to check out Teach and all of his shenanigans at www.TeachTrix.com!

XDL-DC Round 1

Round one of the XDL National Championship Series was held at Maryland International Raceway in conjunction with the MIROCK Drag Racing Series.  Going into the weekend, Teach was coming off 3 months of steady show performances and was feeling good with a freshly setup freestyle BMW S1000RR.  The main event, XDL Cup, consists of 2, two minute runs scored motocross style to determine the winner.  After qualifying 5thin the rain, Teach was able to lay down the power on a sunny Sunday afternoon and finished in a respectable 6th.  After making some adjustments, Teach improved early on in his second run, but was unable to finish it cleanly, leaving him down in 8thposition.  Despite the disappointing scores, Teach walked away with a solid 5th place on the overall for the weekend.  Teach will be riding at Mazda Laguna Raceway for the MotoGP races before heading down to the Queen Mary in Long Beach, CA for Round 2 of XDL.  For more information and behind the scenes action, visit www.TeachTrix.com and stay on the gas!


Team Mancuso BMW last weekend, full length...boy was it hot!

experience the S1000RR!


Bad News...need some throttle therapy!

Just got word that I won't be performing at World SuperBike - Miller...super bummed, sorry to all my friends and fans I was looking forward to seeing.  Hopefully see you all somewhere else this summer!

BMW of Fort Worth Update
After being in New England all winter, it was nice to get out of the gloom and head down to the Dallas-Fort Worth area for…some rain!  I arrived Thursday night after 12 hours of travel, went directly to bed, and woke up to the slickest surface I’ve encountered to date – rain covered seal coat.  Lucky for us, a crash was not in the cards and the sun came out in the afternoon just in time for two demos on Friday night.  The weather had done its’ job and scared away a lot of potential spectators, but being right off a major highway earned us some walk-ins.  Saturday dawned bright and beautiful, a perfect day for riding; and with the music was bumping, the riders poured in and we put on a couple of great demos for all involved.  We had a nice contingent of loyal BMW customers, some of whom I’d performed for at various spots around the country including MotoGP and the MOA Rally, as well as quite a few sportbike riders who were anxious to see the S1000 in action.  They were not disappointed, and were treated to some free food and a high-speed show full of energy and horsepower – exactly what they were looking for.  The crowds were great and I spent quite a bit of time talking with fans before and after each show, par for the course.

Since the dealership closed at 5 and there was still plenty of light, we decided to head down the highway ten minutes to a huge lot ride put on by some of the local sportbike riders – what better place to unleash the 180hp RR than a huge warehouse lot full of guys on rockets!  Finally able to breathe some fresh air, the RR truly demonstrated why it’s the baddest bike on the planet right now.  Oftentimes the lot would clear whenever the other riders heard the rumble of the full system of the Beemer, and although it was a practice session for most, it turned into an awesome display of power and control for me – one of the best times I’ve had riding all year!   The handling and power of the RR makes it the perfect bike for any application-track, freestyle, or street; and after putting it through its’ paces, the durability was clearly evident..

A big thanks to AC and the guys at BMW of Fort Worth for the invite; we had a blast and hope to be back for next year!

Be sure to keep an eye on my website, www.teachtrix.com as well as my Facebook: www.facebook.com/christeachmcneiland Twitter: TeachMcNeil for all the latest news and behind the scenes pictures and vids, it is going to be an awesome season!

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